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We just don’t want to make business by increasing number of projects in our portfolio. Off course, it is a source of income for us.But we believe in Quality not Quantity. Also, we always ensure that our product serves your purpose & it gives you ultimate satisfaction. Hence, The project management and delivery process has been improved and standardized over time to match the nature of a web development project.

Request Proposal

This is the first step of project cycle.We get project requests from you.

Requirement Clarifications

We carefully review your requirement, and if we have any queries, clarify them from you.


We analyze your requirement in details and try to find out the target audience and the purpose of the site. Study your references carefully.Include our own inputs and suggestions.


We prepare a reasonable quote for the project and get it confirmed from you.


It is the most important stage. Our Project Management team for a web development project starts with the deeper analysis of the project requirements and resource allocation. Project teams are formed involving web graphic artists, HTML developers and web programmers. A micro level development plan is laid out which includes individual level task allocation and milestone planning.

Database Design and Web Development

This is the step where our developers actually develop the website based on the specifications we have received. One project leader is allocated to a project to supervise the development of the site. He/she is tasked to ensure that all the parameters are achieved and there are no overruns. The developers report everyday to the the Project Leader on the progress of the website. At the end of the project the modules are integrated seamlessly into the whole system.


Post web development stage the web application is then tested exhaustively before it is handed out to the customer.


After we receive a quality certificate from our testing team we deploy the website and web application on the live server.


We Provide One month free support.

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